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-brushed stainless steel

- standard connection for flexible hoses (3/8 ")


Freddo literally means "cold" in Italian. This is the link with the Italian designer Walter Prezzavento is made quickly, from whose hand this cold water tap is. But that's not the only link because Freddo is only avalable as cold water tap and therefore particularly suitable for a toilet.


timeless design

The unlimited shelf life of Freddo has undoubtedly to do with the universality which characterizes the line. Timeless design combined with solid ceramic valves. Freddo stands for simplicity, or a 'less is more' sober and simple functionality that can be used in combination with almost all hand basins. That makes the cold water tap suitable for almost any toilet. In short, a stayer which therefore still very topical.


Freddo 5

Looking for the perfect cold water tap for a rectangular hand basin? Then the Freddo 5 is a good choice. The square design not only gives the Freddo a very tough look, but also makes it very suitable for hand basins with straight angles. Like the other Freddo models  also applies to this tap that he excels in simplicity and functionality. The handle is subtly concealed and is virtually seamless.


durable quality

Freddo cold water taps have a ceramic cartridge. This is seen as the most durable inserts. The lever is turning a quarter turn to open and close. All loose parts, such as the aerator or the attachment parts are always in stock and can be ordered as individual parts.


chrome or brushed stainless steel

The Freddo 2 fountain faucet is available in chrome and brushed stainless steel (SS). For the variant in chrome it is chrome-plated brass. A type of material that is 100% recyclable. Chrome guarantees a nonstop gloss. It is easy to maintain. Abrasive, acid or chlorine-containing cleaning agents should be avoided. Before use, read carefully the maintenance instructions.


- download technical drawing

- download maintenance instructions

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